Aim and Scope

The Journals and Conferences of Science Publications is a reputable venue for publishing novel ideas, state-of-the-art research results and fundamental advances in all fields of Science and Technology. It also provides a venue for high-caliber researchers, PhD students and professionals to submit on-going research and developments in these areas.The journals and Conferences publish original research of such high quality as to attract contributions from the relevant local, regional and international communities. All the papers in the journals and Conferences are also available freely with online full-text content and permanent worldwide web link. Science Publications publish original research articles, review articles, technical notes and Thesis Dissertations. Science Publications reviews papers within two weeks of submission and publishes accepted articles on the internet immediately upon receiving the final versions. Our fast reviewing process is our strength.


With an aim to propagate innovative scientific research and eminence in knowledge: Science Publications has become a prominent contributor for the research communities and societies. Due to wide variety of its considerable feature of Open Access Science Publication Digital Library: Science Publications is working as an autonomous research body in order to bridge the gap between the researchers & industrial practitioners. Science Publications not only focuses on the realization of new theories and developments for research communities but also assists in bridging the gap between research theories and industrial developments.

The key Objectives of Science Publications are:

  • To provide a platform for the promulgation of research outputs and activities in Science, Nature, Technology, Medical, Engineering, and many more research fields.
  • To publish knowledge and results in an efficient and effective manner.
  • To ensure the implementation of copyright and intellectual property law. Science Publications keep a strong eye on the content of research papers.
  • To encourage new research for the industrial applications & engineering fields.
  • To improve the standards of scientific journals for the international dissemination of information.
  • To bring together and build a team of outstanding experts on one platform from all over the world.
  • To produce the authentic and qualitative research.
  • To amalgamate theoretical research with industrial development by contributing in enormous projects. Thus making the scientific research more authentic and accurate.